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Processed meat and cancer awareness

Processed meat and cancer

Processed meat and cancer

We issued a press release yesterday highlighting the lack of awareness about the link between processed meat and cancer.

It has been covered by a number of newspapers, including The Metro and The Scotsman.

The press release focused on the fact that just 32 per cent of younger people are aware of the link between processed meat and cancer, according to a survey by YouGov.

But it’s worth pointing out that awareness about the link … Continue Reading

Obesity and breast cancer media coverage

Newspapers: reporting cancer risk

Newspapers and cancer risk

You might have seen an article in the Metro today about a new study suggesting that overweight girls may be at lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

The cancer prevention Policy Report World Cancer Research Fund published last year made recommendations for the media and, to be fair, this article has at least put this study into context.

After all, it does get across the point that, looking at all … Continue Reading