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The working lunch dilemma

Health lunchbox

With a little thought and planning, packed lunches can be appealing and healthy.

Salads are synonymous with ‘healthy lunches’, but as the weather grows colder they become less appealing. Also, let’s face it, even in the peak of summer the most appetising salads tend to be the ones slathered in rich, creamy and highly calorific dressings.

So here are some top tips for satisfying healthy lunches to have alongside the occasional salad that won’t have you reaching for the biscuit tin by 3pm and won’t break the … Continue Reading

Bread leading the way for salt reduction in the UK

Bread leading the way for salt reduction in the UK

Bread leading the way for salt reduction in the UK

The average salt content of breads sold in supermarkets across the UK has reduced by 20 per cent in the last decade, new research has found.

The 2012 Government salt target for bread of 1g per 100g or less is now met by over 70 per cent of the market.

Bread contributes about 18 per cent of salt to the average adult’s diet in the UK, making it … Continue Reading

Cut the salt and cut cancer risk

Too much salt increases the risk of stomach cancer

Following a rash of stories in this week’s newspapers about celebrity-chef restaurants serving up dishes laden with salt and High Street sandwich shop chains selling similarly salty produce, it will come as no surprise that this week is Salt Awareness Week.

Salt has, rightly, become one of the modern diet’s bogeymen, along with fat and sugar, because of the links between current excessive consumption levels and disease.

Although they are essential to all animal life and perhaps man’s earliest food seasoning … Continue Reading

Salt and cancer risk

Sea salt on black background

Are you getting too much?

Today’s report that a third of breads contain more salt than recommended under guidelines to be introduced next year, comes as no surprise to some.

Despite salt levels in bread having fallen by about a third in the past decade, the Campaign for Action on Salt and Health (CASH), who looked at nearly 300 loaves, still found levels to be unacceptably high.

Eating too much salt is not only linked to high blood pressure but, as reported in … Continue Reading

Daily Mail’s distorted message on salt

Newspapers: accurately reporting cancer risk?

Newspapers: accurately reporting cancer risk?

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that misrepresentative reporting of health issues is one of our major bugbears. Unfortunately the phenomenon is so widespread in British newspapers that it is impossible for us to comment on every single example.

However, the article on page 9 of today’s Daily Mail illustrates perfectly how the media, and in particular the press, distorts scientific reviews and studies to generate scare headlines.

The story reports a small review … Continue Reading

Health Watchdog Publishes Guidelines to Reduce Heart Disease

A report published today by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) gives recommendations for the prevention of heart disease. The guidance is for government, the NHS, local authorities, industry and all those whose actions influence the population’s cardiovascular health.

Among other things, the report calls for a reduction in salt intake and saturated fat, as well as extending TV advertising scheduling restrictions on food and drink high in fat, salt or sugar up to 9pm. The report has been covered by the BBC Website and the Guardian as well as others.

Many of … Continue Reading