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The Real Greek

The Real Greek
The Real Greek

There is an interesting article on the Telegraph website about how the Real Greek, a restaurant chain in London, has started putting calorie information alongside every dish.

It is great to see a member of the food industry making changes that give people the information they need to make informed choices.

Here’s one of the things our Policy Report recommended for the food and drinks industries: “Ensure accuracy, uniformity, and availability of product information in all advertising and promotion and on food labels”.

So this certainly seems to be a step in the right direction.

I was also interested to read the quote from the managing director that “when we tested it out on some dishes last year, we noticed a definite shift in people ordering more low-calorie dishes”.

This seems to support the findings of our Policy Report, which said: “A review… found good evidence for the effectiveness of nutrition labeling and point-of-sale labeling in cafeterias and supermarkets, and provision of nutrition information on restaurant menus.”

And I’ve also heard that Pret, Subway and Eat are doing similar things.