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Obesity and cancer risk: Guardian health editor and author Sarah Boseley on the serious impacts of being overweight

Sarah Boseley

Sarah Boseley is the Guardian’s award-winning health editor and author  of ‘The Shape We’re In: How junk food and diets are shortening our lives’. Here she writes about the dangers of obesity, and calls for more robust action to warn people of the impact of being overweight:

‘The tombstone adverts on mainstream national television of the mid-80s warning us of that Aids was a death sentence were unforgettable. The more recent anti-smoking adverts showing cigarettes metamorphosing into tumours were stomach-turning. Governments in the UK have successfully mounted powerful public health campaigns – … Continue Reading

Accurate weight perception: an important determinant of healthy weight

Weight perception

Are we failing to see the truth?

Following today’s report, which proposes Governments get tough on obesity, we look at recent research, which suggests that a skewed perception of body weight may also be a barrier to effective weight loss.

Obesity-related illness

Recently published figures on obesity, physical activity and diet show that around a quarter of adults in England were obese in 2009 [1]. Today’s report suggests this figure is set to rise in the UK to 40% by 2030.

The … Continue Reading

Safeguarding children from fast food marketing

Two boys play football in park

Physical activity important to fight obesity

These days most parents are acutely aware that their children are seen as a valuable market by a wide range of manufacturers. But many may be unaware of the level of sophistication used by the marketing departments of large food and drink companies to sell their products, which are often high in fat, sugar or salt.

Last month, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) Health Promotion Officer Rachel Clark attended a conference organised by the International Association … Continue Reading

Quarter of adults in UK are obese

Obesity: a cancer risk factor

Obesity: a cancer risk factor

A new report that includes obesity statistics for the European Union makes depressing reading.

It has found that 25% of adults in the UK are obese, which is the highest proportion in Europe.

The European Union average is 15%, with other poorly performing countries including Ireland, Malta, Iceland and Luxembourg.

There are, of course, lots of reasons why high obesity levels are bad news. But from our perspective, higher levels of obesity … Continue Reading

Our revamped BMI calculator

Being overweight increases cancer risk

Being overweight increases cancer risk

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) has had an online body mass index (BMI) calculator for some time.

But today we have launched a revamped version of the BMI calculator that is easier to use.

Previously, people had to enter their weight in pounds to calculate their BMI. But we have changed this to be in stones and pounds.

Once people have calculated their BMI, we have also made it easier for them to find more … Continue Reading