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Fibre fuels lower cancer risk

Fibre - how much is enough?

Fibre - how much is enough?

We are often told that eating a diet high in fibre will help to keep our digestive system healthy and protect us from some illnesses, including cancer. But how much is enough and how can we add more to our diet?

Studies have found that eating foods that contain fibre can lower our risk of bowel cancer, the third most common cancer in the UK. Fibre-rich foods also help to control blood sugar … Continue Reading

5 A DAY on a budget

5 A DAY on a budget

Can you get 5 A DAY on a budget?

Following reports about the high cost of fruits and vegetables, we have issued a press release about getting your 5 A DAY on a budget.

The story, which has been covered by the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail, is about how it is possible to get 5 A DAY for as little as 42p, which means it is … Continue Reading

5 A DAY of fruits and vegetables


5 A DAY healthy recipes

Healthy recipes


There is now strong evidence that as well as all the other health benefits of fruits and vegetables, having at least five portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables a day is important for cancer prevention.

But while most people know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for them, it is difficult to know how many portions of fruits and vegetables you are getting unless you know what a portion looks like.

This is why our latest … Continue Reading