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5 A DAY on a budget

5 A DAY on a budget
Can you get 5 A DAY on a budget?

Following reports about the high cost of fruits and vegetables, we have issued a press release about getting your 5 A DAY on a budget.

The story, which has been covered by the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail, is about how it is possible to get 5 A DAY for as little as 42p, which means it is possible even for those on a tight budget.

I have done interviews about the story on a few regional BBC radio stations, and those of you who listen to Radio Five Live would have heard me talking about the story as part of the 7am news bulletin.

We are not suggesting it will be possible to eat 5 A DAY for 42p every day, but we do hope this press release highlights the fact that by shopping wisely, fruit and vegetables do not have to be expensive.

So hopefully today’s coverage will help us get the message across that even with rising food prices, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is not out of reach.

Research shows that fruit and vegetables probably reduce risk of a number of types of cancer, including stomach cancer and oesophageal cancer.

And as well as any direct effect on cancer risk, people who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables are less likely to be overweight. Scientists now say that, after not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight is the most important thing you can do for cancer prevention.