Physical activity and cancer risk covered by Sky News

physical activity and cancer risk
physical activity and cancer risk

Following last week’s coverage for our press release about how many cases of breast and bowel cancer could be prevented through physical activity, Sky News has put their coverage online.

It includes a short excerpt from an interview I did with Sky News in my garden on Monday.

It’s the second time in a month Sky News viewers have had the chance to look at my garden.

I also did an interview with Sky there for our press release about the difference in breast cancer rates between the UK and Eastern Africa.

This latest story was also covered by the BBC website and my colleague, Dr Rachel Thompson, was interviewed on ITV’s lunchtime news and also by Radio Five Live.

This was on top of the eight national newspapers – nine if you include The Independent’s website – that covered the press release.

Hopefully, all this coverage has helped raise awareness of the strong scientific evidence that being physically active is important for cancer prevention.

We know that awareness is still too low.

In fact, research we have done with YouGov over the last few days has found that just 41 per cent of people are aware of the link between physical activity and cancer risk.

The good news is that this is higher than we we first started measuring awareness in 2007. Back then, awareness of the link between physical activity and cancer risk was just 33 per cent.

But it still means that millions of people do not have the information they need to make their own informed choice about how active they are.

This is why it is important we continue our work in trying to raise awareness about how people can reduce their cancer risk.


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