‘Childhood obesity must stop’ How researchers are trying to help future generations

“There are plenty of scary statistics out there – with 43 million children aged 0-5 years old being overweight or obese globally, it’s clear that something needs to be done.”

Associate Professor Karen Campbell explains why her research into childhood obesity, funded by a World Cancer Research Fund grant, is crucial for future generations.

Karen paid a flying visit to the UK, so we took the opportunity to talk to her about her work in Australia and how it might help curb this escalating trend.

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Picking up the right signals for breast cancer survivorship

492x405-179691561If you ever listened to an old style wireless radio you will remember how difficult it could be to get a favourite station without any background interference.

You’d know the place on the dial for the station you wanted to listen to but, all too often, the music would be hard to hear amid the static fizzing in the background.

Occasionally, the task of giving firm recommendations on diet, weight and physical activity and their impact on cancer prevention and survival can be beset by similar problems.

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Fruit juice – a healthy option or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Fruit is an obvious participant in a healthy balanced diet, and can contribute to our recommended 5 A DAY. So why then is fruit juice – simply juice from that same fruit, with nothing added – suddenly the subject of interrogation?

A quick reminder of why fruit is good for us

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. They also contain fibre and other naturally occurring chemicals, known as phytonutrients, which may play a role in warding off disease and keeping our bodies in fully working order.

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Why we’re defending the traffic light food labelling system

World Cancer Research Fund UK has defended the UK’s ‘traffic light’ food labelling system after the EU confirmed it had requested the UK government respond to criticisms from food companies.

We were instrumental in lobbying for a food labelling system to help consumers understand the nutritional content of food products.

Consumers like the 'at a glance' information

Consumers like the ‘at a glance’ information

In the UK, where obesity linked to poor diet is an important public health issue, the traffic light system means consumers can make informed choices about the … Continue Reading

Top tips to make this school year a healthy one

For many families this is a hectic yet exciting time of the year, and a great chance to start afresh with a new healthy routine. 

Read our top tips for how to ensure your budding scientist or aspiring author gets the fuel they need to do their very best at school.

A healthy start to the day is key

Healthy lunches WCRF

A healthy lunch box will help your child do their best at school

It’s a well known fact that eating breakfast is a great way to start … Continue Reading

Be SMART about your health with these simple steps

Take simple steps to a healthier you…

WCRF's Simple Steps leaflet can help you keep up your healthy habits

WCRF’s Simple Steps leaflet can help you keep up your healthy habits

Most of us want to be healthier but sometimes it can feel quite daunting to change our lifestyles. Often we think that we have to make drastic changes to be healthier and if we don’t achieve these goals then we can feel demotivated.

Yet the path to good health starts with a single step.

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Busting cancer myths for cancer prevention

Busting cancer myths in Manchester

As part of our on-going work to help health professionals spread the cancer prevention message, we held our first regional event for community health workers last week.

We invited health trainers, workplace health advisors, health improvement specialists, pharmacists and more to join us at our one-day event in Manchester to learn more about the challenges that they face in their work, as well as to raise awareness of cancer risk factors and share some practical ways that they can start people on their journey to better health.

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How WCRF research grants are powering cancer prevention research

Dr Graham Burdge, Reader in Human Nutrition at the University of Southampton is well acquainted with the prestigious World Cancer Research Fund Grant process.

The Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nutrition and of the Journal of Nutritional Science was a former World Cancer research Fund grant-holder and is now a Panel member, helping to decide which projects will receive funding to further cancer prevention research and lead to a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

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Going the distance: Running a half marathon for cancer prevention

World Cancer Research Fund’s Health Promotion Manager Rachel Clark has decided to practise what she preaches by running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in central London in October. Read on to find out how she’s motivated herself and about her inventive ways to fundraise…

Rachel Clark is running a half marathon for cancer prevention

Rachel Clark is running a half marathon for cancer prevention

On October 12 I’ll be running my first ever half marathon for World Cancer Research Fund. I’ve set myself the challenge to complete the scenic Royal Parks … Continue Reading

Does red meat get the red light for health?

Burgers, steak and pulled pork are on trend amongst Britain’s foodies and this national meaty obsession hasn’t gone unnoticed by the media. In recent months, two of the BBC’s prime-time investigative documentary programmes – Food Inspectors and Horizon – put the magnifying glass over red meat, looking at what effect it is having on our health and the health of our planet. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s the lowdown…

Why is red meat hitting the headlines?

Very few specific foods have been categorically linked to cancer risk – either as a cause of cancer or reducing … Continue Reading

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